Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Iron Eagle Challenge at Georgia Southern University

On Friday, we traveled to Statesboro, Georgia to be a part of the 6th annual Iron Eagle Challenge. This adventure race is held on the campus of Georgia Southern University and requires teams of two to off-road/urban cycle, run/walk, canoe, and conquer many mystery challenges along the way. We were in charge of creating and running Mystery Event #2, so naturally we came up with a version of the Cathole Olympics. We asked the participants to work together to transport a mini Cliff Bar about 50 feet without using their hands. They then had a choice of three cups that represented different depths of catholes, 2-3", 4-6", and 6-8". They had to choose the appropriate depth of cathole and deposit their Cliff Bar into the cup. Check out the slideshow for a few moments from the day!

A special thanks to Jenn Velie for organizing a great event and incorporating Leave No Trace into the race. Thanks also to Doyle and America (a.k.a. Snookie) for helping run an awesome mystery challenge.

All the best,

Agata and Jason

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