Thursday, March 29, 2012

Be Our Guest

Students sketching Lower Yosemite Falls
A Leave No Trace mindset tip from the e-tour:

Heading to a National Park, State Park, or National Forest? Don't just think of yourself as a visitor -- think of yourself as a host! Everyone who visits these incredible areas after you will enjoy your hospitality. 
Signage explaining the importance of ancestral artifacts

Think about the reasons why you like going to these places. Is it a memorable vista? A waterfall tucked into a canyon? Artifacts scattered near a trail? When you protect these items, and choose to Leave What You Find, you're setting out the red carpet for those who come after you. You're actively being the host, inviting friends, family, and friends you just haven't had the chance to make yet to experience your favorite spots. So behave appropriately, because that's what good hosts do!

Aptly placed sign at Yosemite National Park
Patrolling the Premises,

Quinn & Frank

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