Thursday, August 30, 2007

Question: What do the following individuals share in common?
  • A 14-year old Girl Scout in Fairfax, Virginia
  • A middle-aged father with 4 kids, who enjoys a good game of golf
  • A college student from Hong Kong
  • A corporate lawyer in Seattle, Washington
  • A young, Latino male volunteering in the mountains of Southern California
Answer: A membership to Leave No Trace.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. As an organization with a mission, Leave No Trace works and thrives because of its members… Nearly 3,500 of them!

How is it that, despite our different geographic roots, we can all unite under a common banner of Leave No Trace? After all, each and every member, educator and volunteer of Leave No Trace has a different background, a different life story.

This is because Leave No Trace is an organization with roots, too. We are, as Leave No Trace is, rooted to the environment and the land. Most importantly, like any entity with roots, we have the ability to change, grow, and adapt to possibilities every day through the cultivation of lasting solutions, turning ourselves from idealists in to realists.

Leave No Trace thrives as we all do on kinship, community and symbiosis. Unless we take the initiative to share and explore the lessons we learn through experience, we will not know the full depths of our potential to make a difference. Find ways to share, learn and grow: Leave No Trace is first and foremost an educational organization, but it is through shared understanding and awareness that it blossoms in to a lifestyle.

To become a member of Leave No Trace, join online today or contact Sara Close at 1.800.332.4100 x.105.

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