Tuesday, May 27, 2008

If two's company and three's a crowd...

...then what is 50,000+? Must be the Bolder Boulder, the annual 10K which just experienced it's 30th anniversary this Memorial Day. The race really is a celebration, drawing in the entire community of Boulder, much like the Boston Marathon does for its city on Patriot's Day.

But 50,000+ runners... That's a lot of water and cups and Porta-Potties. The race (like many others around the country) has made strides, becoming a little more "green" in the process.

Here are some interesting facts from the website:
  • CU recycled 14,300 pounds of cardboard generated from event vendors
  • Recycling the beverage containers at just the race finish resulted in over 4,600 pounds of recycled plastic and aluminum
  • Recycling efforts from the event in recent years are equivalent to conserving: 39 (40 ft) Douglas Firs, 670 lbs of air pollution, 78,000 gallons of water, 46 kilowatt hours of electricity and 4,000 gallons of gasoline.
While the extensive busing routes getting people to the event were probably introduced more out of necessity (where would everyone park their cars?), they also serve to cut down on the race's carbon footprint and are a much more relaxing way to get to the start than sitting in traffic on 36.

For more information about the race, visit: http://www.bolderboulder.com/Our_Community/beneficiaries.htm

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