Monday, November 16, 2009

Auraria Campus Sustainability Fair

The Campus Sustainability Fair at the University of Colorado Denver and Auraria campus was held Thursday November 12th. Attended by hundreds of students and local community members, the fair involved several local organizations dedicated to promoting environmental responsibility. With several eco-oriented organizations present, many facets of sustainability were represented. In addition to Leave No Trace, some of the participants included the Woodbine Ecology Center, Denver Urban Gardens, Learning Landscapes, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and Bands for Lands, just to name a few. Many exhibits included an electric car display, a beekeeper, a solar oven, and numerous green demonstrations by students and local companies. The Sustainability Fair was excellent way for Leave No Trace and similar environmentally oriented organizations to deliver a message about sustainability in all aspects of life. Modifying some of humankind’s most destructive unsustainable habits, such as energy consumption and overexploitation, is vital if we are to preserve our beautiful planet for its own intrinsic value. Adopting innovative strategies to curve our consumption habits, and promoting public education on how to do so, are ways that we may begin to accomplish this objective.

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