Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Safe Travels of the Non-Motorized Kind

Hope you are enjoying the holidays and this season of traveling via planes, trains and automobiles. If you are lucky enough to do some non-motorized traveling - walking through a snowy park, snowshoeing on a nature trail or gliding down a mountain - be sure to keep leave no trace practices in mind wherever your destination may be.

Winter conditions can be extreme so planning a preparing for your outing will ensure a safe and fun trip.

What is now a beautiful landscape of snow might become a flowing stream or important water source come springtime, so knowing the landscape, staying on designated trails if possible and packing out trash will help maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Winter can also be a vulnerable time for wild animals, so being extra careful to respect wildlife and maintaining a safe distance will ensure their safety and yours too.

And, as always, practicing leave no trace keeps open spaces accessible for years to come, so here's to fun, safe and responsible recreation in 2010. Happy New Year!

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