Thursday, January 28, 2010

Be careful what you ask for ...

I really just want a few days of sun and warmth. It has been bitter here lately – cold that is. My wish was granted the other day as the sun warmed the day to a balmy 45 degrees. I headed to the trail to get my share of fresh air and open space. It turned out to be warmer than I realized and about the muddiest day I have seen, possibly ever. Mud so thick my shoes started feeling like 25 pound weights tied to my feet. And I could see what used to be a single-track trail widening practically before my eyes from people trying to avoid the mud pie.

As spring makes its way slowly to our corner of the world, (OK, not yet but soon) here’s a friendly trail reminder – be prepared to get dirty! It’s sometimes hard to do but no one wants trails to turn into small highways up the mountain. So walk or hike right through that mud and enjoy it! And if the trail looks like this, it might be better just to avoid it altogether.

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