Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bigfoot's Live!

A couple of months ago, Leave No Trace member and trainer, Dave Titus, emailed us and asked how he could help. An illustrator and animator from the Easter Sierra Nevada Mountains, Dave had seen our Bigfoot campaign and wondered if we wanted to give Bigfoot a little life.

Dave offered to do this Bigfoot short that will soon appear on our website and will be available for partners who want to spread the word about the Bigfoot Challenge. Check it a preview here.

A little about Dave:
In 1994, Dave Titus created the original green Mozilla mascot while working on Netscape’s premier website. Hundreds of his projects are in the books for clients like Nabisco, General Mills, Disney, Mello Smello, Netscape, Better Homes and Gardens, Meredith Books, AAA, Paypal, Cargill, GRAMMY Foundation, Intuit, Specialized, Prevacid, Wall Street Journal, USAopoly, and Gateway. In 2004, he won “Best of Show” in London’s Top 50 Fusion Digital Art Competition.

A little about the Bigfoot Challenge: http://lnt.org/bigfootchallenge/index.php

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