Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do you Leave No Trace like Bigfoot?

The first two readers have emailed me and commented with the answer to this question, and they will win a Bigfoot Pint Glass. Stay tuned for future opportunities to win prizes or take the Bigfoot Challenge today to enter to win more cool stuff.

What would Bigfoot do with pet waste while out on a hike in your local park?

Take the Leave No Trace Bigfoot Challenge today!


EpicGilgamesh said...

Doh! I will be back and I will win the next prize. Keep up the good work, Leave No Trace!

I got an idea for the next contest, the first 2 people to respond with the word "Epic" in their username--or Gilgamesh for that matter.

Love your blog!

Dave said...

Hey EpicGilgamesh, I like your thinking. Thank you for posting a comment, I would like to send you a pint glass for being the first person to comment. In my original post I asked for the first two people to email or comment. You are the first to comment, congratulations. Please email me your address.

Thanks for all that you do for Leave No Trace!