Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Enhancing the lives of Urban Teens - Click here!

Supporting community programs continues to get easier with technology. The Pepsi Refresh Project gives away millions in grants each month to great "ideas" or community projects that support different sectors: arts and culture, health, education, food and shelter, neighborhoods and, of course, the environment.

With the click of a button, daily, you can support these great ideas. The top 10 receive a grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project each month. New applications are also accepted monthly.

One of Leave No Trace's community partners, Big City Mountaineers, is currently in the running. Big City Mountaineer's mission is "enhancing the lives of urban teens through wilderness adventures." BCM is a Connect Grant recipient and has done great work in combining Leave No Trace education with wilderness outings. They are in the running for $25K and voting for this round ends on February 28th.

In a year where it's a bit harder to give monetarily, take a minute to
support this community program, or one closer to home, by voting.

Have a great day!

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Syd Jones said...

Thanks very much for the "shoutout" on the LNT blog! Every vote (every day) for BCM on the Pepsi Refresh program really helps. Thanks!