Thursday, February 25, 2010

Packing Heat in the Park

The new National Park Service policy that allows loaded guns inside of National Parks seems a controversial one, to say the least. One recent news feed out of Washington State provides more info about the law: It’s a new policy for the National Park Service and one that apparently was not too popular with many park managers. Some claim there will be more violence, while others feel it’s simply a civil right. The law becomes even more complicated (and controversial) because of the state laws that gun carriers must abide by.

Another link, a parody of sorts, appeals to the more humorous side: What will happen now that people are allowed to carry and use guns in our nation’s outdoor gems? I’m interested in what people think. Take a look and weigh in.


John Edward Harris said...

Be sure to pick up and pack out all spent shell casings!

Anonymous said...

Our local (Virginia) outdoors magazine did a survey on packing a handgun. I was surprised how many carried one! Quite a few were women wanting extra protection. Lots of guys cited how armed robberies of hikers have increased and I suppose they want to "Plan Ahead and Prepare." I don't even think about carrying once, since there's usually kids around and I don't want an accident while I'm napping.

Anonymous said...

Be Considerate of Other Visitors
Respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience.
Be courteous. Yield to armed users on the trail.
Step to the downhill side of the trail when encountering stock that are packing.
Take breaks and camp away from trails and other armed visitors.
Let nature's sounds prevail. Avoid loud voices and noises - pack a silencer.