Wednesday, March 24, 2010

100 Years of Scouting

This is a big year for the Boy Scouts of America. Scouts across the country will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of scouting! The traveling trainers will be attending a number of these celebrations, starting this weekend. Team East will be heading to Perkinston, MS to join thousands of scouts and their leaders at the Southeast Louisiana Council 100th anniversary Camporall. This event will be filled with education, activities, and of course Leave No Trace!
Leave No Trace and the Boy Scouts of America have always maintained a strong partnership, in fact the latest edition of the Boy Scout Handbook includes a chapter dedicated solely to Leave No Trace. We are looking forward to the many festivities happening this year in the scouting world!
Happy Adventuring...Kate and Tracy

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richtorfla said...

Its good to see the big push on LNT that Boy Scouts rolled out in the last couple of years putting more emphasis on LNT. Was really happy to see the large section in the new book. They now have a new youth position in the troop as LNT trainer whose task is to make all youth aware of the LNT principles and try to abide by them. There now is an LNT award for the cubscouts which they can earn!