Friday, March 19, 2010

And the award goes to...

Last November, the Center was honored to present the Adventure Film Festival Leave No Trace Award to "Ascending the Giants." Featuring Brian French and Will Koomjian, with the filmmaking artistry of director/producer John Waller, this film highlights the quest to find the largest tree in Oregon... by climbing them all. Featuring stunning cinematography of four Sitka spruce ascents, "Ascending the Giants" is unique in its excitement, adventure and portrayal of a proud recreational ethic.

The above video highlights the opening night of the 3-day festival, in which the filmmaker & actors were presented with the Leave No Trace Award "live," by using Skype to conference them in to the theater.

More on Leave No Trace & Adventure Film:
The Center is now in its second year as Adventure Film's Nonprofit Partner. The world's greatest stories play out in the wild places of this earth, and those wild places are a limited and delicate resource. We are all key players in preserving this stage for future generations. In the spirit of adventure and conservation, Leave No Trace empowers people to be the solution to environmental impact by educating communities worldwide on the skills and ethics of sustainable recreation. As such, this dynamic partnership brings awareness to our collective mission to promote "Activism through Adventure."

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