Monday, March 8, 2010

Calling all Great Ideas

Do you have a great idea for new Leave No Trace educational or promotional items? The Center is always looking for new ideas when it comes to our Educational materials and Promotional items. Many of our best ideas have come from our passionate community of volunteers, educators and supporters. What one or two items would you like to see us consider adding?


Anonymous said...

The Plastic Ethics Reference Cards are always a favorite when I train. I'd like to see:

Cards that replicate the Cub Scout LNT Guidelines. (Slightly different than the Kids Cards. [Better would be the BSA adopting the LNT verbiage.])

Some way to have a group's name custom printed on the Cards. (Although I'm sure there's probably something involving lawyers that would get in the way of that.)

Steven Jarvis said...

I'll second the Cub Scout (and Boy Scout) cards.

I've been making my own set for my scouts, but official LNT cards would be way better.

Kurt Achtenhagen said...

Thanks Anonymous and Steven!

We can definitely co-brand any of our reference cards if you have the legal right to a group's name or logo. Please contact me: Kurt at LNT dot org for more info.

I will chat with the Boy Scouts of America to see what would be involved in selling reference cards with their logo's. Stay tuned...