Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bigfoot Challenge Winner for February!

Each month we are randomly selecting one person who took the Bigfoot Challenge and awarding them for their efforts with product from our partners. In February Leave No Trace member Patrick Beezley was our winner. Patrick wrote us to tell us more about how he practices Leave No Trace and gets involved in his local community.

Hi Leave No Trace,

I am Patrick Beezley from Carbondale, IL. I enjoy rock climbing, backpacking, whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, and traveling. I work for Southern Illinois University as a grad assistant. I appreciate what Leave No Trace promotes. I think outdoor areas that people spend time in will be better off if more people know about Leave No Trace skills and techniques. I volunteer my time to Leave No Trace to help promote it so others can learn to take care of the places that they enjoy. For my Bigfoot Challenge, I walked through the middle of the trail versus walking over to the side. Taking the challenge made it easier to focus on hiking in the middle versus hiking around. Leave No Trace helps me do something beneficial for the wilderness areas that I travel in.

The best part about Leave No Trace education is knowing that you are helping out wilderness areas and the people that enjoy them. I think focusing on teaching kids Leave No Trace would be beneficial. That way people would grow up using the principles and it would be second nature to them.

I hope that people who use Leave No Trace principles when they are out camping can transfer that attitude for the outdoors to finding other ways to take care of the environment.

Thanks Bigfoot, Patrick Beezley

Stay tuned to hear more from the March Winner. Take the Bigfoot Challenge today to get involved and increase your chance to be the April winner of some great outdoor gear.

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