Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fredonia, Arizona Trainer Course

Last Thursday and Friday we were in Fredonia, Arizona on a Trainer Course with staff from the North Kaibab Ranger District. The participants on the course represented a wide range of professionals from archeologists to administration, and various members of the field staff from the National Forest Service in this area.

Throughout the 2 day course we were impressed with the level of engagement and motivation to learn more about Leave No Trace and the various educational programs available for outreach from the National Forest Service staff to the user groups they see each year in their district. In the photo above Agata is leading a lively discussion about the history of the Center for Outdoor Ethics and the photo below shows a moment of pure thespian genius as participants act out various alternatives to consider while Minimizing Campfire Impacts.

The group was incredibly responsive to the information we shared and each participant had a clear path to follow as they described how they would bring Leave No Trace to their respective positions in the North Kaibab Ranger District.

Thanks to our host Missy Spandl for her endless enthusiasm and commitment to making this training such an enjoyable experience for all in attendance.

All the best,

Jason and Agata

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Personal Trainer said...

This is about leaving the wilderness as you find it, right? A worthy cause.