Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Climber Documents Ascent to Mount Everest’s Peak via Social Media


“Right now I’m sitting in a very small yellow tent with my laptop, I’m holding a 50-watt light and we’re at 17,500 feet above sea level at Mount Everest base camp. The Sherpa staff is serving dinner,” says Elia Saikaly, a filmmaker and adventurer who is currently climbing the massive mountain as part of a huge social media campaign focused on education and philanthropy.

Saikaly, who set out on his expedition in March, expects to reach the peak of Everest this month — and for the intrepid explorer, the climb is more about the journey than reaching the apex.

You see, the whole adventure is part of a project that the filmmaker — along with his organization, Finding Life— launched with, a new interactive web channel for kids (“Wigup” stands for “While I Grow Up), and the Canadian Ministry of Education.

Currently, 130 schools are following his journey, chatting with the explorer three times per week via Skype, and following along with his exploits via Twitter, Facebook, a tool called Epic Tracker that uses geolocation to show exactly where the climbers are at any given moment, and the webisodes that he shoots and editing while scaling Everest.

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