Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kentucky Declares May Leave No Trace Month

Photo above: Scenes such as this at Kentucky's Red River Gorge inspired the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics to declare the area its first Hot Spot.

To celebrate the outdoors, teach minimum impact skills and ethics, and highlight the Leave No Trace's naming of Kentucky's Red River Gorge a Hot Spot, the state park system has declared the May, 2010, Leave No Trace month. During the month of May, the Kentucky State Parks has provided 30-minute “Leave No Trace” outdoor ethics training sessions for all hikers, horseback riders, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts.

These free workshops are among the objectives promoted by the Kentucky Recreational Trails Authority, Department of Parks and Office for Adventure Tourism to support responsible recreation in Kentucky. In their words, they say of the Leave No Trace program: "As part of the web of life that surrounds us, Leave No Trace teaches us how to responsibly interact with nature, how to handle encounters with wildlife, follow trail routes, the proper use of materials, supplies and containers to take along and why."

For more information, contact: Gil Lawson at 502-564-4270 ext 168 or visit www.getoutKY.com.

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