Monday, May 3, 2010

Simon Kenton Council Centennial Camporall

This weekend we traveled to Chillicothe, OH to celebrate the Centennial Celebration of Scouting with the Simon Kenton Council. Approximately 8,000 scouts and their leaders came to the Ross County Fairgrounds to take part in activities including shooting sports, climbing walls, geocaching, and a variety of conservation activities including the Leave No Trace scavenger hunt.
We were lucky to have many Leave No Trace Master Educators and Trainers available to assist us during the festivities. Through their support, we were able to have multiple Leave No Trace activities going on at one time, such as Leave No Trace Crime Scene, Durable Surface Hopscotch, How Long Does It Last?, and Finders-Keepers. A special thanks to Marilyn Clark, Al "Yeti" Martin, Matt Taylor, Tom and Jackie Bain, Carole Sloan, and Paul Bragg for making the weekend a huge success!
Happy Adventuring...Kate and Tracy

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jrjaeger said...

Everyone I talked to said they really enjoyed the LNT activities, especially the scavenger hunt. It was great to meet Kate and Tracy. Thanks so much for including our camporall on your schedule.