Monday, June 28, 2010

Respect Wildlife, or what to do with a newborn fawn in your yard

Last week, my wife called me at work, saying there was a newborn fawn in our driveway. Thanks to the internet, and The Second Chance Wildlife Center, I quickly figured out what to do, or more importantly what not to do!

Turns out, all we had to do, was not disturb the little one. My two young daughters quickly understood that the little fawn really didn't need our help. Young fawns are not able to keep up with their moms while grazing during the day. So, the mom seeks out a spot to leave them during the early dawn hours. She then comes back to retrieve them in the late evening.

Sure enough, after putting my girls to sleep, I took one last look out the side window, and the newborn fawn was gone. We all hope that we will see more of her this summer as she grows up!

Second Chance Wildlife Center's great information sheet:


Christopher Powers said...

I would add to this, if you see Momma coming around keep your distance!!!

Anonymous said...

Er... isn't "baby fawn" redundant? :)

Kurt Achtenhagen said...

Busted :) As a fawn is typically in its first year, I was attempting to convey how little it was. Switched to "newborn" which seems more accurate. Thanks!