Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bigfoot Love Letters!

Stephanie accepted the challenge to hike a trail she had never hiked before and she shared her experience with us.
“I love the Bigfoot Challenge! I went on a 4 day backpacking trip into the Havasupai lands in Arizona. The Havasupai tribe lives 8 miles inside the Havasu Canyon, which houses the Havasu Creek that leads into the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The campgrounds are 2 miles from the village for a total of 10 miles to get to our camp. We then hiked 16 miles round-trip to the Colorado River and then 10 miles out our final day. I have attached pictures of the descent from Mooney Falls, to one of the many creek crossings on the hike to the Colorado River and finally the ascent back up to the campgrounds from below Mooney Falls. The entire trip was quite an adventure especially since it was my first backpacking trip. We respected the land by having no campfires and packing out all of our trash. I have recently become a member of Leave No Trace and plan to educate others about the amazing things you guys are doing!


Stephanie Reed

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