Monday, August 23, 2010

Run, (in the forest), Run!

All week long, more than 250 athletes are lacing up their sneakers and testing their endurance at the Gore-Tex Trans Rockies Run. This race begins in Buena Vista, CO and travels for over 113 miles up to Beaver Creek, CO through beautiful mountain scenery along the Continental Divide Trail. We were excited to be invited to speak to all of the athletes during the opening ceremony dinner and share with them tips on how to leave no trace during the race, as well as share our latest Leave No Trace video! We joined all of the athletes at tent city, shown above, at the Arrowhead campground. The amazing part of this race is that the runners only need to worry about running through the high altitude terrain. Trans Rockies takes care of food, medical supplies, lodging, and entertainment! Gore-Tex and Solomon even provide a "relaxation station" where the athletes can recover after the days stage of the race. We were invited to be a part of the relaxation station and speak with the athletes about Leave No Trace.
One topic that continually came up was what to do with orange and banana peels on the trail. Even though these items are biodegradable, it can still take up to two years for one peel to decompose. Another reason to pack out those peels is the wild life impact they can represent when left behind. Once animals get a taste for human food, they can potentially lose their fear of humans and become habituated. This represents a potential dangerous situation for both humans and wildlife.
Transrockies, a partner of Leave No Trace, does an excellent job of educating their runners before the race begins about the skills and ethics of Leave No Trace through emails and newsletters. We applaud their efforts and look forward to working with them at future races.
Happy Adventuring...Kate & Tracy

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