Friday, September 24, 2010


We hope you’ll join us for a weekend of activities on Lumpy Ridge as well as in Estes Park, CO.

Come visit the Leave No Trace table and join your friends, crack climbing guru’s, notable first ascensionists of the past, off-width enthusiasts, and granite lovers, for a historic weekend on ‘The Lump’. Weekend festivities include: gear demo’s, climbing clinics, historic images programs, casual grub and grog, and an opportunity to be part of the longest running Adopt-a-Crag in the USA.

This is the tenth (yes 10th !) straight year of climbers partnering with Rocky Mountain National Park and stewardship of the climbers access trails. Over the last ten years, the partnership has provided over 500 participants and 4000 hours of service work on Lumpy Ridge. These are not your tourist trails but the steep, narrow and rugged climber access trails to each of the crags we enjoy. Destinations include: Sundance, The Pear, The Book End, Book Mark, Left Book and Book, Batman and the Twin Owls. Some of these access and descent trails are 800 vertical feet in length. Some now have over 60 wood water-bars and 100 stone steps each notched into place to prevent erosion and improve the hike. On Sunday, October 3rd the day will begin by staging at the Estes Park, Town Hall parking lot at 7am. Breakfast and lunch are provided for all volunteers.

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