Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Art or Impact at Quincy Quarries

Over the Labor Day weekend we headed out to enjoy one of our favorite urban climbing areas at the ever popular Quincy Quarries just south of downtown Boston, MA. The area is known for challenging routes and the endlessly changing inspirations and hues of the local graffiti community.

We asked some local climbers "Is all this graffiti art or an unacceptable impact?" The climbing community was definitely divided on this question.

Some climbers feel the images and colors on the granite walls make Quincy Quarries unique and represent multiple user groups who come to enjoy various forms of outdoor recreation. While others feel that the damage done to the granite surfaces is irreparable and should be banned as the graffiti can make the purchase on granite slippery and the green space loses some of its luster.

With so many of us enjoying the outdoors in different ways, we welcome your thoughts on the matter. . .

All the best,

Agata and Jason


Anonymous said...

Banned? That's pretty funny.

Robbie Pruitt said...

This is impact and not art . . . Just my opinion.