Thursday, October 28, 2010

The e-tour, sponsored by The Coleman Company, sets up their mobile office/home! See video below.

The 2010 e-tour season is finishing up this week. We had another successful season and we wouldn't have been able to do it without one of our proud partners and the official outfitting partner of the Leave No Trace e-tour, The Coleman Company.

The e-tour is an innovative education and outreach initiative that reaches several thousand individuals each summer with hands-on Leave No Trace education and interactive activities. Through nearly 50 events in 25 states, 50,000 individuals are impacted by e-tour training and event presence in four months time.

Leave No Trace believes that the key to conservation lies in the behavior of people, thus every individual – especially kids – reached with the Leave No Trace message has a role to play. They become the future stewards of the environment, respected leaders among their friends and classmates, and a stronger, critical voice in the fight to preserve our parks and public lands.

The e-tour programs are designed to introduce kids to the outdoors and peak their interest in outdoor recreation and stewardship. Each event is unique, mostly occurring in frontcountry areas (those areas visited by day users that are easily accessible by car, bus or bike), and range from half-hour workshops to full-day booth displays. Hands-on educational activities and kid-friendly information are a key component of each.

The 2011 e-tour will be hitting the road starting in May. If you would like to have them come work with you next season please request a visit from them online.

Please enjoy this video from the 2010 e-tour, Barrett Kennedy and Peggy Reily.

"Many folks whom we've encountered in our travels have asked about our life on the road, so we thought we'd provide a glimpse into the routine of our daily migration.

Hoping you can join us down the road for some Saturday night dancing."

Peggy and Barrett
2010 Leave No Trace e-Tour

e-Word: "e-Migrants"

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