Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Master Educator Course Fun!

Thought I would share some photos from a recent Master Educator Course, courtesy of our South Carolina State Advocate, Stephen Wilson.

Cue the pomp and circumstance, here's a group shot of the most recent Master Educator Course graduates from our partner, Landmark Learning:

As part of the five-day curriculum, students are given a small service project, usually involving outreach at a local trailhead, park or school - a great way to move along the continuum from students to teachers! Here they are interacting with students from Western Carolina University:

Having a demonstration or activity that draws people in is a great way to start a conversation. Here's an example of the "Camp Oh No" or "Leave No Trace Crime Scene" set-up:

Finally, what significant life experience is not commemorated by a tattoo? Check out our new temporary tattoos via our online store:

If this looks like fun, check out our Master Educator Course page. Schedules for 2011 will be posted by early January!

1 comment:

Stephen Wilson said...

NOW you come out with temporary tattoos?!!! That would have been good to know! Ours were a touch more painful and leave a permanent trace... :-)

(Actually, that really is a GREAT idea for groups learning about hiking and camping!)

Landmark Sept 2010 Leave No Trace ME course(1st pic, l-r) Danielle, Stephen (me), Trey, Mollie, Forrest, and Eric. Time we walk our talk!