Monday, October 4, 2010

Presenting PEAK

After waking up and stepping outside of our tent last Thursday in Bozeman, MT, we were greeted by 32 degree weather and our very first bout with frost this season. The cool, crisp air was a reminder that fall is certainly upon all that live in the Northwest.
We spent the morning exploring Hyalite Canyon where there is an endless supply of hiking and biking trails.

After a pleasant hike, it was back to town to get prepared for our PEAK (Promoying Environmental Awareness in Kids) presentation at the Bozeman REI, a store that had just opened a few months prior to our arrival. Theresa Larson, the Outreach Specialist, extended the invitation to folks in the community, so as a result, we drew a pretty diverse crowd. There were Scout Leaders, a middle school teacher, a retired teacher, a family that home schools their children, and REI staff.

As your Fall activities get into full swing, keep in mind that Leave No Trace practices extend far beyond the scope of hiking and camping. The beauty of Leave No Trace is that it cam be seemlessly incorporated into any human powered recreation. We would like to present you with a challenge: In this "PEAK" foliage time of year, take a child into the great outdoors and introduce them to a new activity. Are you up for the challenge? Remember, enjoying the outdoors responsibly-happens all year round!

Happy Adventuring...Kate and Tracy

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