Monday, October 11, 2010

Request the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers Today!

Are you looking to get trained in Leave No Trace? Are you a member of a club or group who would like to have a presentation on Leave No Trace? Are you interested in having the Subaru/Leave No Traveling Trainers come to you? Well now is the time to request a visit from the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers. We are currently working on the 2011 calendar and want to come to your town, so fill out an online request today. If you live in the west, request a visit from Team West, if you live in the east, request a visit from Team East.

Check out this email from Ryan Dolan who recently attended an Awareness Workshop put on by Team East, Agata and Jason Ketterick.

Hello Bigfoot,
My name is Ryan Dolan, I attend California University of Pennsylvania (CALU) and Agata and Jason (Team East) were at CALU last week and although the weather wasn't the best it was still a great time and I have learned a lot from them. They had two sessions and I went to both of them and both sessions taught me a lot of different things. I just wanted to thank them for coming and having a great day with us. I never thought about or realized how much of a negative impact we could have on the environment if we are not cautious about what we do. I just thought I would send an email about how much of a difference they made and give you an example. Tonight I am packing to go on a one night camping trip and thought about all the things we talked about they other day. So when I was packing I put a lantern and also a small shovel to use on this trip to lower our impact on the environment. I would have never done this if Agata and Jason and the whole Leave No Trace staff wasn't here! Thank you very much for coming and doing such a great job with your presentation and getting through to at least me and I am sure many more students at CALU.
Ryan Dolan

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