Thursday, November 18, 2010

American Alpine Institute Provides Leave No Trace Leadership

Partnerships with organizations across the globe help build toward a critical mass of educated users who make Leave No Trace principles standard practice. Community partner, The American Alpine Institute (AAI), offering programs in 6 states and 16 countries, is dedicated to helping beginner and experienced climbers broaden their skills, while helping them to become safe, knowledgeable, independent climbers. In addition to offering top class adventures and climbing instruction, they have been strongly committed to implementing and teaching the Leave No Trace principles since 1975.

AAI was instrumental in helping establish Leave No Trace as an independent non-profit organization in 1994, and in that same year led a successful national effort to get America's guide services and individual mountain guides alike to commit to Leave No Trace as their official environmental ethic and protective practices program.

In October, AAI was one of seven US National Park Service concessioners to receive the National Park Service award for exceptional environmental practices. They were cited for instituting an innovative Green Power discount on AAI fees for all clients joining AAI programs who purchase energy offsets equivalent to 50% of the energy used in their homes. In addition, American Alpine Institute offsets 100% of its energy consumption by purchasing green power, known as green tags through the local energy company.
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