Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Bigfoot Challenge: A Highlight

The Bigfoot Challenge?! What's that?

Bigfoot’s back and wants you to take his challenge. From teaching a kid the importance of not feeding wildlife to picking up trash on the trail, Bigfoot is asking you to complete and report a single Leave No Trace challenge from his list that changes every month. The Bigfoot Challenge’s goal is to encourage simple acts of environmental activism and teach Leave No Trace principles. By taking the challenge, you are not only joining a nationwide conservation movement, you are also Leaving No Trace where it matters most — the places you play. Hey you, Leave No Trace, Bigfoot's been doing it for years!

Meet Rudy Bourget of Weare, NH who has not only ROCKED the Bigfoot Challenge this month, but taken it up a notch! In his own words:

I applaud your ideal to make carrying a trash bag while on a hike a Bigfoot Challenge. I had been doing that for years, until last fall when I found a better idea. Instead of carrying a single-use trash bag, I now carry a mesh laundry bag. My laundry bag is washable, and that makes it reusable. Additionally, I added some carry straps so I can carry that bag over my shoulder instead of having it hanging from my pack or my belt. My laundry bag has become such a part of my life that whenever I pick it up my dog comes running over to me, thinking that we are going on a hike. The sad news about my laundry bag is that it is quite big, and I usually manage to fill it - even on a short hike. It seems like that for every one of us who pick up trail trash there are twenty who are dropping trash. That is both disgusting and frustrating, but I will continue to carry my laundry bag and pick up trash from trails that I hike. I'll do it for you, for the earth and for future generations."

Nice work, Rudy! We are proud of you and applaud all that you do to support Leave No Trace.

Take the Bigfoot Challenge here:

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