Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wildlife Bridge: What do you think?

I ran across this article about a proposed wildlife bridge crossing over I-70 west of Vail. The issue, near to hearts in Colorado, is relevant a lot of places and introduces a great discussion on the intersection of humans, wildlife and technology.

Engineering firms all over the world have submitted designs for this proposed bridge that would, in theory, help decrease the number of vehicle-wildlife collisions and create a safe passage for wildlife such as elk, deer, bighorn sheep, lynx, black bear, snowshoe hares. Proponents argue that it would also allow wildlife easier movement/migration and a larger habitat through the mountains, currently restricted by the I-70 corridor. Strategically placed cameras along the crossing could also help scientists monitor wildlife patterns.

There are a number of arguments against the idea too, primarily the price tag associated with such a project and the reality of how much it would help or decrease the problem (stated above).

Check out the proposed designs and weigh in on the debate. For more information:

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Caroline Quintanilla said...

We were glad to see the bridges that are already open on Arizona 93 between Willow Beach and Boulder Dam.

The outfitter we used this weekend for our trip on the Colorado River says they see the sheep using the bridges.