Monday, January 24, 2011

Life of a LNT Intern

Hello fellow Leave No Trace fans my name is Mickelle and I'm another new face at The Center. You know how much of a fan I am because I traveled halfway across the country just to be apart of this thriving organization. I am from the small little ocean town of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. I've lived there most of my life and love it! But a big part of my heart belongs to the west and that is where I find myself now and in the future.
I recently graduated from Georgia Southern University where I studied Education with a minor in Recreation. I didn't know about Leave No Trace until my senior year when I took an Adventure Education class. The class entailed a number of backcountry trips and of course we needed to learn about the Leave No Trace principles before we went out into the wilderness. I had to teach my class about a few of the principles as an assignment before we went on our trips therefore, did some research. I went on the website and saw all of the opportunities there were and how detailed this organization was and wanted to be apart of it in some way. So, as soon as possible I filled out an application to become an intern. Now I'm here and am loving every minute of it. I'm still fascinated on what all goes on behind the scenes and how many opportunities there are to educate the world on how to recreate but, have nobody know you did.

"...Let me walk in the woods alone,
leaving no trace, cutting no trail, clearing my mind..."

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Jonathan K said...

Congrats on the internship! I was a LNT intern a few summers back and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wish I was out in Boulder right now!