Friday, January 21, 2011


Newness is the word to describe the last two weeks as a brand-new staff member with the Center. I’m new to Boulder, Colorado - my family and I just moved from Southern California. I’m new to the depth of knowledge here at the Center - even though I practice the principles as a hiker, camper and trail runner, I still have so much to learn about the science behind the principles.

And I’m new to all of you.

I spent some time today studying the membership survey the Center conducted last year. Since my role as Development Director with the Center is to work with our members, donors and followers, I am eager to learn, who is a Leave No Trace Member? You may be surprised to know that most members live in California (which makes me proud). And the #1 reason that folks are members is the satisfaction that we are furthering our essential role in spreading Leave No Trace.

Aside from the great feeling of supporting the mission, there are great tangible benefits to being a member too. Did you know that the Center’s corporate partners extend their thanks to each member for supporting Leave No Trace? You can get member discounts on Coleman gear, Packit Gourmet (yum) and even a discount on a new Subaru!

Are you a member yet? Take a moment to join or renew your membership. As a member you join me and thousands of others across the world who commit to live Leave No Trace.

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