Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trainer Course in Glen Rose, Texas

Over the weekend of February 12th through the 13th we were in Glen Rose, Texas for a two day trainer course. The course was an opportunity for all 12 participants to learn and teach together about the seven program principles and minimizing our impacts while enjoying our favorite public lands. The weather was pleasant and the group chemistry was enjoyable as many generations of scouting and outdoor recreation experiences were well represented over the two days.

In the photo above a participant teaching his section on the principle Minimize Campfire Impacts offers a variety of options to consider as alternatives to the standard campfire. From left to right in the photo, we have examples of a mound fire, various camp stove models from across antiquity, and finally a basic fire pan. The lesson this Venture Scout led was very informative and comprehensively explained the various methods to reduce our impact while safely and responsibly enjoying the outdoors.

Many thanks to our host Candace Lewis and friends Alan and Mic out at the Bush Ranch House in Longhorn Country.

All the best,

Jason and Agata

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