Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Leave No Trace Training in The Comfort of Your Own Living Room

The Leave No Trace principles are a great set of guidelines to implement into your outdoor recreating, whatever your outdoor activity may be. While catching a Leave No Trace workshop in your community is a GREAT way to learn about and implement these principals, not everyone has an event scheduled in their neck of the woods that they could attend.

Do not fear:

The Leave No Trace Online Awareness Course is available for everyone! Take 30-60 minutes to learn about the history, practices, techniques, and programs of Leave No Trace, from the comfort of your own living room. And even better? It's free!


EQUIPnTRIP said...

The hyperlink from "Leave No Trace Online Awareness Course" which leads to doesn't work for me.

Please confirm whether this URL is working.


Allan McDonald @

Kurt Achtenhagen said...

Thanks Allan!
The link does work, however it takes quite a bit to load to work. Apologies as we haven't found a way to speed it up yet.


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only one question - where did you get this picture?? it looks like a photo, and I guess I know where is this place located