Monday, March 7, 2011

Nevada Red Rocks Vandalism

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I was recently given an article about vandalism in the Nevada Red Rocks and was interested in what it had to say because I have a strong past with the Red Rocks. The Nevada Red Rocks were my backyard for many years when I was a young. I grew up with family and girl scout trips to go hiking and camping in the Red Rocks. I don't remember seeing any graffiti when I lived there but now that Las Vegas is expanding into the Red Rocks the graffiti that has been seen in the city is now seen in the Red Rocks. The Red Rocks were an escape from the city for my family and many others who lived in Las Vegas. Pretty soon we won't have anywhere to escape. I want children and adults to enjoy the Red Rocks that I know and love. We can keep them pristine and free from vandalism by leaving no trace. Help keep the Red Rocks and the rest of our lands as beautiful as they have always been by educating yourself and your community about Leave No Trace. The Leave No Trace website has many educational tools to help you do your part in helping preserve and protect the lands that we love. Please visit for more information.

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