Monday, March 28, 2011

Partnership Highlight: Hi-Cone Products

San Francisco, CA. Last August, Hi-Cone Products, the producer of photodegradable beverage rings, partnered with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, in an effort to educate people about the importance of disposing of waste properly, especially when it comes to bottles, cans, and the plastic holders they come in. Their product uses minimum packaging which equals maximum economical and ecological efficiencies. The rings they produce will photodegrade into non-toxic particles within 30-60 days, if not properly recycled.
Hi-Cone uses a number 4 plastic, which can be recycled anywhere number 4 plastics are taken. To go one step further, if number 4 plastic is not accepted in your area, you can mail back your plastic rings and they will recycle them for you. To find out more about this Ringleader Recycling Program, click here.
We teamed up with Hi-Cone this past week at the Craft Brewers Conference, held in San Francisco, CA. This was a unique opportunity to reach out to a diverse audience of craft brewers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, to share our insights on ways to be more sustainable. We want to thank Jeff Neitzel and Julie Hoganson for their efforts to educate people about responsible packaging options and for inviting us to take part in the conference!
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