Thursday, April 14, 2011

Exploring Leave No Trace with Girl Scouts

Carbondale, IL - On Tuesday, Team East joined several Girl Scout troops for an evening awareness workshop. To introduce the scouts to the Leave No Trace program, we drew on various activities from the PEAK program, including What Principle Am I? and Minimum Impact Match. Once the participants had a better understanding of the seven principles, we decided to take advantage of the green space outside and play an exciting game of Ok! or No Way! (You can give this activity a try by downloading it for free from our website). We finished the evening off by having the scouts draw on their artistic talents and create Leave No Trace posters. Check out a sampling of the posters in the slide-show above.

Thanks to Jamie Corr, the Assistant Program Director for Family Housing at Southern Illinois University!

All the best...

Agata and Jason

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Cassie said...

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