Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Leave No Trace Member Steve Kominsky's 10in6 Challenge to promote Leave No Trace Awareness!

Meet Steve.

Steve is a member of Leave No Trace and will be climbing the 10 highest mountains (majority over 10,000 ft) in Oregon in 6 days. Total elevation gain is 50,000 feet! This event is to help promote Leave No Trace Awareness. The Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be traveling and camping with Steven, providing outreach to local state parks and REIs along the way.

He will begin Sunday July 10, 2011 by climbing Oregon’s 7th and 10th tallest mountains. Sacajawea Peak (9,833′) 13 miles and Aneroid Mountain (9,702′) 14 miles. He will be running the 27 miles with nearly 10,000 feet of elevation gain. During the climb, the Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be holding trainings at Wallowa State Park for the public and for local Boy Scouts.

Monday, July 11th I will climb Matterhorn Mountain (9,845′) and Hurwal Divide (9,775′). Matterhorn is Oregon’s 6th tallest and 19.5 miles long, and Hurwal Divide is Oregon’s 8th tallest at 15 miles long. Again, I will run the 34.5 miles with nearly 10,000 feet of elevation gain.

Tuesday, July 12th Steve will run Oregon’s 9th tallest summit, Steen Mountain (9,733′) in only 3 miles round trip. The Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers are holding a PEAK (Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids) Training at REI BEND that night at 6pm. FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC. Tuesday evening we will be camping at Tumalo State Park, Leave No Trace and Steven will be holding an evening talk at the Park.

Wednesday Steve will be running South Sister (10,358’), Oregon’s 3rd tallest mountain. By the end of the third day he will have run over 3 marathons with almost 30,000 feet of elevation gain. This evening, come back to REI BEND at 6pm to hear Steven's stories thus far on the adventure. He will have photos, stories, and will be talking about his Leave No Trace experience during his climbs. Refreshments provided. FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.

Thursday July 14th he will climb the remaining 2 Sisters. North Sister (10,085) and Middle Sister (10,056).

Friday July 15th he will hike Mt. Jefferson (10,497), skin up Mt. Hood (11,239 ) and ski down completing the challenge. There will be a press conference at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood after the summit. The Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be on site for the press conference, offering booth outreach at the Lodge.

For more detail on his climb, visit his Facebook page.

Go Steve!

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