Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Trainer Course in the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve

Green Swamp Preserve, Florida - Last weekend, April 2nd and 3rd, Team East was back in the sunshine state for a weekend long Trainer Course hosted by Florida Southern College. The nine participants represented students and staff from Florida Southern, the Boy Scouts of America, and various non-profits from around the state.

The group dynamic was excellent and everyone on the course came together for what turned out to be a wonderful weekend of teaching and learning together about minimum impact outdoor recreation. The sixteen-hour course focused on the seven principles of Leave No Trace and how to use the educational program to practice and teach the skills and ethics of enjoying public lands responsibly.

The group was engaged by the educational experience as well as seeing alligators, snakes, and the ever popular "frankensandwich" (peanut butter, jelly, cheese, and summer sausage) that captivated group lunch on day two in the swamp!

Many "thanks" to all the energy and enthusiasm the participants and our hosts, Michelle Thompson and Era Keys, put into making this trainer course an enjoyable weekend for all.

All the best,

Jason and Agata

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