Friday, May 13, 2011

Come on tour with e-tour

A few weeks ago you read about our 2011 e-tour team, Mark and Tara. The team has spent the last two weeks here at The Center becoming Master Educators and preparing to teach Leave No Trace to outdoor visitors this busy summer season.

One final preparation is needed before they can leave – your sponsorship. We need help to send the team across the country this summer. Will you sponsor the e-tour team for a day or two, or even a week? Just $30.30 sponsors one trainer for one day and has a big impact. The team teaches approximately 125 per day, so more than 10,000 people will learn about Leave No Trace by summer’s end!

As an e-tour sponsor you are helping to spread responsible recreation and preserve our favorite places to camp, hike, bike — whatever activity you enjoy. E-tour brings hands-on Leave No Trace demonstrations, interactive activities and general Leave No Trace education to schools, camps and youth-serving organizations from May through November. The e-tour provides basic Leave No Trace education programs that inspire youth to get outside while promoting responsible enjoyment of the outdoors.

Thank you for practicing Leave No Trace as you explore outdoors this summer – and thank you for sponsoring the e-tour so others can Leave No Trace as well. Take a moment now to sponsor the e-tour trainers Mark and Tara, and send them a note of encouragement as they meet summer travelers and share Leave No Trace.

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