Monday, May 30, 2011

Where Will Your Chacos Take You This Summer?

Depending on where you live, there is nothing quite like reconnecting with your Chaco sandals after the hiatus that is winter. Recently, we had the opportunity to spend time connecting with nature on Willipa Bay, WA. During our time there, we observed a bald eagle perched on driftwood, witnessed a black bear rolling around in the sea grass, and were even able to harvest oysters as the tide rolled out! It is a rare experience that we forage for our own food, so undoubtedly our hard work enhanced the flavor of each and every oyster. There is something special about being part of the cycle that brings food to your own table. That escapade was all the more enjoyable with the knowledge that our feet would be well protected because our Chacos would be the main contact with the mysterious sludge that lie beneath our feet. Oh what a day!

Where will your Chacos take you this summer?

Explore Responsibly…Kate and Tracy


Anonymous said...

summer camp?

Sarah-Catherine Poche said...

probably no where but summer school, but at least my feet will be comfy.

college writing essays said...

summer camp, wow!!! it soounds intriguing!! I'd like to visit it!!