Monday, June 6, 2011

Every Litter Bit Hurts!

Whitehall, MT.  At a recent evening campfire program in Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, we met an on-site volunteer that proudly shared his grand-daughter's slogan for protecting the environment.  He wasn't sure how she came up with it, but after a rousing game of How Long Does It Last, a game in which participants learn how long trash takes to biodegrade if left in the outdoors,  it sure was appropriate: Every Litter Bit Hurts!  Pack it in, Pack it out is one of the phrases commonly associated with the Leave No Trace program.  This young girl is right on target with her thinking!
Tracy pulling invasive weeeds.

Earlier that day, we had the pleasure of participating in a National Trails Day event, as we pulled invasive and noxious weeds from the state park.  The weather cooperated as 40 locals took to the trails in an attempt to weed out the weeds!

Help prevent the spread of invasive species by thoroughly cleaning your gear including tents, hiking boots, bike tire treads, and water sport gear before packing up.  Also, check your pets for any seed pods or insects that might be trying to hitch a ride home.
Take time to enjoy the flowers!

Explore Responsibly...Kate and Tracy

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