Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have you taken the Bigfoot Challenge!?

The Bigfoot Challenge's goal is to encourage simple acts of environmental activism and teach Leave No Trace principles. It's easy. From helping to clean up your local park after a Fireworks display to teaching a child to leave no trace and remove damage caused by others, Bigfoot is asking you to complete and report a single Leave No Trace challenge . Grand Trunk, a manufacturer of adventure travel gear, expands on their passion for the road less traveled. As July’s Big Foot Challenge sponsor, Grand Trunk is giving away gear, like tents, hammocks and bamboo-blend sleeping sacks. Through their sponsorship and eco-friendly line of travel gear, they are hoping the road less traveled stays that way.

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As an added bonus, join as a new member between 7/14/11 - 7/20/2011 and Grand Trunk will award one new member a Bamboo Blend Sleep Sack and Bamboo Blend Towel.

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