Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo of the Week 7.11.11

This sign at Raccoon Branch campground in Virginia made the e-tour all sorts of nostalgic, either in a childhood sense or a memory of our previous employer the Forest Service. Woodsy is a fantastic character. "Give a hoot - don't pollute!" and "Lend a hand - Care for the land" are iconic slogans etched into many of our minds. We poked around on the internet and found a lot of fun Woodsy Owl videos and information. A 1977 Public Service Announcement proves how cutting edge Woodsy really was (and still isa), he's about responsible recreation, stewardship, frontcountry, backcountry, children being outside... all the topics we are educating about today. Also surprising, Woodsy made a comeback in 2006 and has joined the ranks of the technological age. We are wondering if Woodsy had help setting up his Facebook page, he has listed himself solely as a 'Government Official'. We would add, 'environmental advocate, silent flyer, top notch rhymer, visionary, and world's largest talking owl'.

Mark and Tara
2011 e-tour team

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Dana said...

We LOVE Woodsy!!!!
-Matt and Dana from Bozeman!