Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cuyuna Country

The e-tour spent the last few days in the Crosby and Ironton communities of central Minnesota. We visited the high school and elementary school for two full days of classroom workshops connecting with local youth. One of the groups we met with was the Service Adventure Leadership Team (SALT), a dedicated bunch of high school students who initiate and participate in everything from recycling programs to zip line outings. The SALT group has embraced the principles of Leave No Trace and fosters future outdoor awareness by teaching second grade students as part of their outreach and experiential learning. For more on SALT, check out their sister group's page here.

A special thanks to Ryan of Cycle Path and Paddle, who took the time to show us a few quintessential Cuyuna rides. A guided tour through the new IMBA trails served as excellent vehicle to experience the landscape and history of this reclaimed mining area. The e-tour was excited and impressed by the top notch biking so far from home.

One last shout out to our Minnesota Leave No Trace State Advocate Rita Hussman for her strong volunteer ethic and gracious hosting of the e-tour team. We greatly appreciated a warm bed and delicious home cooking. You spoiled us.

Mark and Tara

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