Friday, September 2, 2011

Do you explore with technology?

I love my technology during the workweek, but I'm a Luddite when it comes to my outdoor life. My smart phone comes with me to schedule meetings, keeps me in touch with Leave No Trace members and it even pays for my coffee (well, technically I still pay for it...). When it comes to planning my next trip, I usually go with good old-fashioned books and advice from friends and colleagues.

Until today. I just downloaded the new app for Rocky Mountain National Park from Leave No Trace Partner, Chimani. The Rocky Mountain app is the first that includes a special section about Leave No Trace (although it's just a matter of time until Leave No Trace is included in all their apps).

In addition to Leave No Trace, the Chimani Rocky Mountain app includes over 300 unique points of interest (POIs), an auto/audio tour, high resolution, GPS-enabled maps, ranger-led events, hiking trails, camping guide, restrooms, shuttle bus schedule, sunrise and sunset data for over a year, and over 50 brilliant photos.

One great feature about Chimani apps is that the content is available even where cell service is not. That is, if your device is charged. Our friends at Goal Zero, portable solar power, generously outfitted the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers and e-tour with 150 watts of storage, a solar briefcase and lighting for nighttime events. Thanks to Goal Zero for keeping us charged as we use technology in the outdoors!

I can't wait to explore this weekend - practicing Leave No Trace, of course.

How do you use technology when you explore?


Steve said...

I'd love to see LNT come up with their own app! What a great and handy reference that would be, especially when it comes to enlightening others to the 7 ethics!!

Leave No Trace said...

Thanks Steve! This is certainly something that we are very interested in as well. We have had a few exploratory conversations, but haven't launched into it quite yet. Cheers!