Thursday, October 6, 2011


Your role to teach people about Leave No Trace is critical, and we need you now more than ever. The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics plans to engage our national network of supporters in vital outreach and volunteer efforts through March of 2012.

Every day we hear from people who want to volunteer for Leave No Trace in their communities. It is hard for us to identify local projects for people to get involved with so you are the key to mobilizing willing people to get involved. Let’s not miss this important opportunity! Collectively we hope to reach 25,000 with Leave No Trace.

Your valuable assistance is needed in 2 key ways:

1. Identify and attend outdoor and environmental events in your community and offer a 5-30 minute introduction to Leave No Trace concepts. Whether this is with a small crew at a trailhead on a trail-related service project, with volunteers at a river clean up, a youth event or with a group of multi-day backpackers, we’d like you to locate opportunities in your area (preferably in a natural setting) to help spread Leave No Trace skills and ethics. Tell us about it!

2. Mobilize your network of Leave No Trace supporters, youth groups, schools or others to organize your own outing at a trailhead. Provide a 20-minute introduction to Leave No Trace and then hit the trail with trash bags and gloves for an easy clean up. Look for “teachable moments” along the way. Tell us about it!

How we can help you:

• The Center will give you educational materials, merchandise and Clif bars (as available) to aid in your outreach efforts.

• If you would like to distribute additional Leave No Trace educational materials, please visit our Education and Training Resources Page where you can find various items to view, download and print.

• When we receive your reporting form, The Center will then send you a pair of Smartwool socks and offer a 25% discount on your next order in the Leave No Trace online store.

• Use our resources. For a list of Master Educators and partner organizations within your area, please visit your state on the Center’s Community Page. Contact your State Advocate, Master Educators and partners in your area to get involved with your outreach.

• Contact the Center for more details, a reporting form, or if you need to talk over your work with anyone.

Thank you for critical work on behalf of Leave No Trace. We look forward to helping you enhance Leave No Trace in your local area. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call us at 303.442.8222 or email


Want some more ideas to help engage your community to Leave No Trace?

• What are some things going on in your state where Leave No Trace could be incorporated? Think about groups beyond those you currently work with.

• What clubs, organizations, colleges or universities are in your area for whom you could provide targeted Leave No Trace education in an hour or less?

• Stop by and say hello to schools and teachers, guides and outfitters, outdoor retailers, community parks and recreation officials, local, state and national parks and forest managers and any one else who might be involved in Leave No Trace. Let them know that you are a Leave No Trace resource in their area and ask how you can get involved.

• If you know a teacher, ask if they would be interested in having you facilitate a PEAK presentation for their students.

• If you know a local retailer, talk with them about upcoming events they may be planning. Providing a Leave No Trace presence at their event(s) could be an easy way to further promote Leave No Trace in your community.

• Talk with local park and recreation department staff about programs they offer for youth and adults. Is there a way that you can incorporate Leave No Trace into one of their already existing programs? Are they hosting any stream or park clean ups where you might be able to do a Leave No Trace activity?

• Contact city organizers to find out if you can set up a booth at your local farmers market, music festival or some other community event. Use these booth days to gather emails of others who may be interested in helping you with the Leave No Trace efforts in your area.

• You can organize volunteer trail/park clean-ups, invasive species removal projects, set up a booth/display at heavily used trails or recreation sites, engage youth by providing PEAK programs or simply organize a fun outdoor activity and include Leave No Trace into the activity.

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