Wednesday, October 26, 2011

September Bigfoot Challenge Winners

Every month Leave No Trace hosts the Bigfoot Challenge, a set of challenges that ask people to practice Leave No Trace principles at their local places of outdoor recreation. September was sponsored by our friend and partner Clif Bar! This month, the challenges were:

- This Labor Day weekend cook a meal outside with your family and practice Leave No Trace techniques in your own backyard!

- Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in support of a local environmental issue.

- Plan ahead and prepare for next summer's adventures with friends and family by scheduling a trip and writing an itinerary.

Our first winner for the month is Tina Ja
ckson from Calhoun, Georgia. When asked about her Leave No Trace experience, she writes:

My name is Tina Jackson from Calhoun, Ga. I am an 8th grade social studies teacher at Calhoun Middle School. I have recently started an Outdoorsmen club at our school. I first became involved with Leave No Trace through Boy Scouts of America. My hardest concept for my students to implement is leave what you find. It is hard for them not to bring something back from our trips- we strongly encourage pictures."

Our second winner was Mrs. Rebecca Gillespie from Livonia, MI. Rebecca writes:

"I want to leave this earth a little better than I found it. I feel (the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics) can really help foster the community activism required to educate & promote good environmental awareness. It is difficult for the majority of the public to understand the earth is our gift, not out right. We have a duty to care for it.

"I feel the public at large needs more awareness.
(I)f everyone felt compelled to Leave No Trace our urban areas would be greener, our parks would be preserved for future generations, and all people would have a feeling of responsibility toward keeping our world as it was meant to be.

"Leave No Trace has a simplistic, resonating message. It leaves no questioning as to what the purpose is of the organization. Its message crosses all boundaries - age, nationality, etc. I feel children, before they become prejudiced or feel entitled, are blank canvases we can paint a Leave No Trace picture on. They ultimately can carry on the legacy. Simply, stop, look around you & make a difference. Life is so fast, slow down & enjoy the gifts you've been given in the world."

Thank you Tina and Rebecca for sharing your stories! Thank you to our sponsor, Clif Bar for sponsoring the September Bigfoot Challenge! And finally, thank you to everyone who took the Bigfoot Challenge this month!

There's still time to take the Bigfoot Challenge for October, specifically a very special Halloween challenge and a BIG gift card from Keen for those who become members of Leave No Trace before the end of the month. Take the challenge and be like Bigfoot - Leave No Trace!

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