Tuesday, November 15, 2011

October Bigfoot Challenge Winners!

October has come and gone, and the Bigfoot Challenge has new winners! Congratulations to the winners of the October Bigfoot Challenge, sponsored by Keen!

Our first winner is Patrick Joyce from Belleville, IL. Patrick writes:

"I am the Scoutmaster for the boys of Troop 13 out of Faith Lutheran Church, in O'Fallon, Illinois. We camp quite a bit and are starting to hike more as the boys' skills improve. I began to learn Leave No Trace ethics from my parents in Colorado
, who taught me to leave a site better than I found it. My knowledge grew when I worked for the National Park Servce as a Ranger. In October I completed the Master Educator program in Sprinfield, Illimois. I hope to teach young men and women to enjoy the outdoors, while minimizing their impact so others can do the same.

Bigfoot...(t)hanks for your hard work. The scouts of our
Troop plan on meeting you sometime when we are hiking.

Patrick Joyce

I am the Chief Goofball on the far right of the...picture."

Our next winner is Tanya Jacobs from Leavenworth, KS. Tanya writes:

"Hello my name is Tanya Jacobs and I am from Leavenworth Kansas. I am currently involved with Leave No Trace since my husband is a Leave No Trace Trainer for Boy Scouts and does a large amount of training. Many of the things that I hear him talk about I take with me into my everyday life and share with other youth. Since I am a teacher I try to influence the children that are not in scouts and promote how to help protect things that we don't own, and how to keep these area around for others to see.

I signed up to help promote some Leave No Trace over Halloween because in years past I would watch my husband walk around picking up the empty candy wrappers that kids would leave behind. So I tasked my self to see if I could change some of that. Would I stop everyone? No, but if I could get one child to think before they threw it on the ground or in the ditch I think I would have done my job. Well I got my class involved and had them pick up candy wrappers from the ground and we talked about it that Tuesday on how much they picked up. I hope that with this little effort that one or two of the kids will take this home and talk about it.

Tanya Jacobs"

Thank you Patrick and Tanya for your Leave No Trace stories! Thank you to everyone who took the Bigfoot Challenge in October! And, of course, thank you to October's sponsor Keen!

The November Bigfoot Challenge is up and roaring, check out Bigfoot's page to pledge today!

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Shane Kent Louis said...

Congratulations for your team! :)

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